Application for Membership and Service Agreement

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By submitting this application electronically, the applicant hereby applies for electric service to be provided by Covington Electric Cooperative, Inc., (hereinafter called "Cooperative") and authorizes the Cooperative to perform a credit check to determine credit-worthiness and establish positive identification. The Cooperative will require a copy of your rental/lease agreement or a purchase agreement. Furthermore, the applicant agrees to pay the applicable connect fees, security deposits based on credit score and be bound by all provisions in the Cooperative's Bylaws and Service Rules and Regulations, Application for Membership, along with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, statutes, and ordinances as they may now exist and as they may be modified from time to time.

Any information obtained in connection with the Membership Application and Service Agreement will be used by the Cooperative for credit purposes only and no information received will be distributed to any third party except in an effort to collect upon the account.

Please complete and summit the following application information. A customer service representative will contact you within 24 hours to complete your application.

General Information
Driver's License
Mailing and Service Addresses
Spouse/Co-Applicant Information
* I am the primary tenant/resident at the above listed address:
Names of other adults living in the household:

I also attest to the fact that the previous tenant/resident no longer resides at this address. I understand that making false statements when applying for utility service is a violation of state law and that it may be punishable by a fine and /or jail term. I attest that I have reviewed all the information above and verified that it is correct.

Service Connection Date
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